Meet The ETPP Team

Left to right – Stephanie, Mac, Steven

I have always loved being scared.  I have an obsession with all things horror and have since seeing the first John Carpenter’s Halloween movie at a drive in theater with my mother and grandmother.  I don’t think I slept for about 3 days.

It was only natural for me to also love ghost stories.  I would ask anyone, when I was a kid, if they knew “true” ghost stories.  In fact, I still do.  I am writing down all the ones I can remember and want to hear more.

I had heard of “ghost” pictures and orbs and remember sneaking in to the Chickamauga Battlefield after Dark when I was a teenager just to take pictures.  And then I had read about the Warrens and about EVP sessions so I carried a big tape recorder and did the same.  That’s been more than 30 years ago.

I still watch horror movies or listen to Creepypastas narrated on YouTube at bedtime. I still roam around in battlefields  and graveyards with voice recorders and cameras. Now I also have the capability of helping those who are plagued with Paranormal Activity. For those affected by the presence of something that cannot be explained it helps to be validated. Of course there’s always the people who want their house to be haunted and it’d be something like exposed wires or some other mundane cause.  It can be a disappointment to find a cause other than a ghost wreaking havoc in a home.  Then there is always the chance that they can just be plain ole crazy.  I have seen it all in my years of paranormal investigation.

I do it all in my own personal quest to find, record, and prove the existence of ghosts, entities, haints, etc.  I love those late nights when sit alone in the dark with a voice recorder trying to communicate with the other side.  Do I believe in ghosts?  Yes I do.  Have I seen a ghost? I can’t say that I have.  It’s why I do what I do.  It’s what I love.  I’m still waiting for that one big scare.

Being born and raised in Asheville North Carolina, I grew up hearing stories of ghosts and bizarre sightings. Like The Grove Park Inn and the Brown Mountain Lights… just to name a couple. In the 3rd grade I learned about the Salem Witch Trials. That was the start to my interest in the paranormal and even sparked and interest in witchcraft. I have researched many things over the years, learning as much as I could about both. There is never enough information on both.  I am Always learning something new. As my role in ETPP is the Documentarian, it is my job to get as much detail about everything we do.


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